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Selling a car: self vs car buying Company

Often people who decide to sell a car quickly and profitably have a poor idea of how to do it quickly, correctly, and profitably. Car buying specialists in Estonia and Tallinn, in particular, will tell you about all stages of preparation.

Car buying service experts in Tallinn have prepared tips for car owners on how to quickly and profitably sell their car.

Car Preparation

The first step towards a quick car sale is pre-sale preparation. You can start it with a comprehensive body wash, and it is better to give preference to proven car washes with good reviews – those where the car will be washed carefully and efficiently.

Next, you can move on to repairing noticeable chips and scratches: this is inexpensive, and a neat car can usually be sold for more. When cleaning the interior, you should pay attention to smells, stains, and the condition of the seats.

It is equally important to eliminate minor car malfunctions before selling – those that do not require expensive repairs but will affect the overall impression of the car. For example, independently change the main consumables: candles, filters, windshield wipers, burnt-out light bulbs, and more, as well as eliminate knocks in the suspension and adjust the wheel alignment in a car service.

Negotiations with the buyer

Buying a car is a serious investment, so car enthusiasts treat such a transaction with full responsibility: they ask questions, doubt and actively bargain. An owner who speaks honestly about his car, even if the car is not in perfect condition, will inspire more confidence than a suspicious interlocutor with a trouble-free car.

You can think over in advance several sites where you can demonstrate the car from favorable angles. It is more convenient to show a car parked in a cramped yard, but it is much more difficult for a buyer to make a purchase decision in such conditions.


It will be unpleasant for the buyer to find out about the restrictions imposed on the car after the purchase and transfer of money – to prevent this, it is better to check the car for registration and other legal prohibitions, as well as outstanding fines using special services.

It is also worth preparing a contract template in advance in several copies for quick agreement on the transaction and immediately agreeing on a money transfer scheme that is comfortable for both parties.

If you do not want to waste time, effort, and nerves on all preparatory activities, negotiations, and a deal, then it is better to contact a professional car-buying company in Estonia and Tallinn in particular. Here you will be helped to quickly sell the vehicle at a bargain price.