Car Evaluation

Our team of experts conducts a thorough inspection of the car to determine its overall condition and identify any possible problems that may affect its value.

We pay special attention to the following aspects:

Mechanical condition of the car – we check the engine, gearbox, brake system, suspension, and other mechanisms.

Body and paint – we look for defects, scratches, chips, corrosion, rust, and other damages.

Interior – we evaluate the overall condition of the cabin, seats, door panels, steering wheel, and other elements.

Car history – we examine the car’s history to determine if it has had any serious damages, accidents, repairs, or part replacements.

In addition, we use databases to check if the car is not stolen or owes any taxes or insurance.

After inspecting the car and analyzing its condition, we offer our clients an honest and competitive price for their car. We explain how we arrived at this price and discuss it with our clients so that they can make a decision about selling their car.