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Buying used cars

Frequently asked questions

The evaluation and drafting of the purchase agreement takes up to 30 minutes.

It is possible to transfer ownership through e-teenindus, provided that you have access to government services through Smart-ID, Mobiil-ID. It is also possible through an electronic power of attorney if the seller is not the owner of the car.

Yes, it is possible. We will provide you with a sales contract, and we will handle the transfer of ownership ourselves. You will not need to spend your time on further actions.

We pay the state fee for the change of ownership.

Firstly, selling a car independently is a very troublesome matter, and avoiding time and financial losses is unlikely. In addition, a faulty or accident-prone car often requires repairs, the cost of which can reach the value of the car itself. Why bother with these difficulties and expenses? Within an hour, we will determine a reasonable price for your car based on its initial condition, relieving you of all the hassle.

The used car market fluctuates at an incredible speed. While you wait for a better offer, the number of other cars increases, and you miss real opportunities for a successful sale of your car. Don’t waste your time, call us right now!

You can only get a benefit at a dealership when purchasing a new car or one with very low mileage, completely defect-free, and not older than five years. If even one of these conditions is not met, it is impossible. We offer a more advantageous price for cars older than 5 years. Submit your application and see for yourself!